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Pastured Angus

Pastured Angus


Duroc and Hampshire Pigs

Known as the “pig farm” along route 210, Mahoning Creek Farm pigs have been raised at MCF for 75 years. Clyde Sr, Hattie, Clyde Jr and Lois raised hogs for many years before Darlene even was around.

The home is dotted with many reminders of show ring success with the pigs at the PA Farm Show as well as other shows and state fairs.

Darlene is honored to have shown pigs at the Pennsylvania Farm Show with three generations of her family. Her grandpa’s stories of traveling to the Farm Show by rail with cattle still ring in her ears. She shared the 1st Farm Show Family of the Year award with her parents and siblings.

Morgan and Garrett first experienced the Farm Show in backpacks on their parents’ backs, as Bob and Darlene moved pigs through PA Farm Show crowds. From there the kids began to show their own animals and haven’t missed a Farm Show yet.

Durocs have always been a mainstay at MCF and the Livingstons are utilizing the same sound genetics that have always been a part of Mahoning Creek Farm. Durocs fit into our retail meat business quite well: they are known as one of the two top breeds of pigs for meat quality. Our satisified customers verify that fact!

The family was able to reestablish the Hamp herd with a gilt from James and Gus Parlett, Airville, PA that traces back to Clyde Jr’s Hamp herd. She has proven to be a real asset to the farm. She knows how to raise a litter of pigs and milks great always producing one of the highest 21 day weight litters.

All the sows are farrowed in Clyde’s converted dairy barn in stalls outfitted to care for both the sow and the litter. Sows are crated at farrowing time for three to seven days allowing the baby pigs and mom to learn their duties and get used to each other. After that period of time the gate is taken out and the sow has a larger stall to move around freely. Her piglets are always with her but also have a heat lamp in the nursery area that allows them to have their own space and not accidently get laid on.

Pigs need grain in their diet for proper nutrition. Our pigs are fed various carefully formulated balanced diets for their age and size. The feeds contain grains raised on MCF. We've chosen to utilize probiotics in our pig feeds instead of antibiotics. A pig will only receive an antibiotic if it has a specific illness or infection that necessitates that particular medication. Any animal treated with a medication is tracked on a calendar to ensure proper medication, dosage and withdrawal time are monitored. 

Pigs present a unique challenge when it comes to pasturing. Pigs like to root in the ground and anywhere they root and disturb the plant material is an area the bare ground becomes highly susceptible to erosion. Thus we must balance and care for both our animals and our farmland. Our sows have access to a pasture during their gestation period.

Sustainability of the farm land and soils are of high importance. Erosion can pollute our water bodies, if our land erodes it will find it’s way into the Little Mahoning Creek which is known for it’s pristine condition and trout fishing. We don’t want to pollute the Little Mahoning or lose precious top soil.

Morgan and Garrett assist with breeding decisions by researching sires and providing input even though they may be away from the farm.