A customer's smoked pulled pork with our Duroc shoulder.

A customer's smoked pulled pork with our Duroc shoulder.

General History and Information

Darlene’s memories of the meat business include butchering, grinding, weighing and packaging hamburger at the young age of 5.

Memories of many people visiting the meat market abound and recent reminders from those who purchased from the farm provided the encouragement needed to reestablish the meat trade.

Since the Summer of 2015; we’ve sold high quality beef, pork and lamb at the Indiana County Farmer’s Market. We are extremely grateful for our new market friends and their positive response to our meat products. Comments of MCF beef, pork, and lamb being the best ever tasted, have encouraged us to continue our retail meat enterprise and ensure MCF meat is available all year long.

As that first farmer’s market season drew to a close, we focused on creating a buying club allowing customers to pre-order meat and have the order delivered on a preset day, time and location in Indiana. We will also have limited on-farm store hours.

Duroc pork, pastured Angus beef and pastured lamb have all been born and raised on the preserved farm in Smicksburg, PA. Local USDA processors are utilized and the meat is vacuum packed and frozen meeting all licensing and sales regulations.

Meat may be purchased by the package or by larger quantities including, quarters, sides and whole. Quantity discounts are available.

Our goal is to share high quality, locally raised meats with the surrounding communities providing another market outlet for the farm.