A family farm since 1918; you are empowering the 5th generation of the McConaughey family to continue the farming tradition.


Our Mission

Mahoning Creek Farm will be a profitable and environmentally sustainable diversified livestock and crop operation. We will maintain high ethical standards in the tradition of previous generations in all our interactions with the community. Stewardship of land, animals and family will be a top priority.

purchase mcf meats:

  • Livestock are born and raised on our Indiana County family farm, providing a consistent, high quality product.
  • Our animals provided the highest level of care their entire lives.
  • MCF regularly patronizing many family-owned local businesses, ensuring your dollars help others in your community.
  • Conservation and sustainability of the farm, land, and family are of the utmost import to the MCF farm family.
  • Our farm has been preserved through the Farmland Preservation Program. It will always remain in farming and will never be used for real estate development.